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September 01, 2007


Summer Coulter

I watched the Watchmen the other night and I was thinking of you the whole time. I'm not sure if you saw it but they have some great soundtrack moments… the best of which I believe is the opening sequence. It’s the best part of the movie to me actually- in the first 10 minutes they have to communicate a lot of background and they do so with no script but just a montage set to “The Times Are Changin”.

I suggest this for a Lloyd based on the fact it set the “this isn’t your average superhero story” tone very well. Dylan sounds sad and seems to be singing just their song. “The present now will later be past” “You’re old road is rapidly aging- please get out of the new one if you cant lend your hand”. Lyrics that usually feel uplifting and empowering set to this scene bring up the loneliness, doubt, and a feeling of purposelessness that change can make you feel sometimes.

Other highlights were the fiery All Along the Watchtower (jimmy Hendrix version) set to the rebellion scene and the use of Sounds of Silence it all it’s cold, pretty and slightly creepy glory for a funeral scene.
One more nerdy note- I had never even heard of the Watchmen before I saw this but it appears that one of the main premises of this movie is wrestling with the meaning of the Vietnam war. It seems to be saying something along the lines of “if we had won that war we would not know where to stop” which is a pretty relevant message to our current war situation. I think it is especially clever that they used Vietnam protest songs throughout the film. I wonder if it would have ruined the tone of the movie to add a more current protest song at the end.

Yours in nerdly glory-

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